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Learingo Software And Education

Learingo Software And Education is a main website architecture organization in Nashik India, offers creative web architecture and improvement administrations for your online presence.
Our administrations incorporates Web Design Solutions, Website Development, Multimedia Presentation Ecommerce Web Applications, Professional Web Designers, Web Design Outsourcing and so on to Offshore Companies at reasonable costs. The excellent goal is to upgrade client's joy, by offering them unrivaled and very fundamental administrations all things considered serious costs.
We are an expertly overseen organization with a youthful and capable group that consistently endeavors to satisfy the client's requirements in the most proficient and successful way.


Our Core Values - We are committed to client's expectations. We consistently deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions and innovative technology.


We also have develop partnerships with each of our clients. Our focus is on one and all companies that are facing the challenge of today's economy and who want to strengthen their organization by evaluating and adopting advanced management approaches and innovative solutions.

  • Provide Intenship
  • Provide Full Stack Web Development
  • Provide Python Development
  • Provide Java Development
  • Provide Redhat Linux System Administrator

Why Choose Us?

We're passionate about what we do. We constantly striving towards this goal and we go extra mile to provide a value-added service to all of our clients..

Every project is unique for us and we closely work with each client to precisely understand their business, the products and the services they provide. To achieve significant success, we take time to understand your requirements and plan, execute, analyze rigorously do some research so that we really get to know the ins-and-outs of the industry.

With this knowledge, we'll help you define what makes you unique. This upfront effort is a proven way to make a significant difference in the end result. We don't just want to build a website that you're happy with today. We want to help you manage, measure, and develop. That's the reason why we've retained 90% of our clients since we started the business.



Let's Get Your Business Online ! Bring your website to the next level with our custom website development services. We can customise your website exactly the way you want it. Learingo Softwares And Education is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online presence.

Website Development

While everyone is competing their business at a global level today, if you want to improve your business on global level is to maximize your online presence.For any business to be successful you need a professional and clean website design to impress your website visitors your web design matters immensely.

Android Application

Many Mobile Apps are developed in android because it provides a wide range of functionality.Android is the most widely used mobile OS.

iOS Application

The iOS has managed to off from a deeper impact on the digital world and most fraction within.iPhone has close to 12 million user base in India as per a chief analyst report in Jan'2020.

Hybrid Application

Hybrid application design pattern is equally applicable to both mobile and desktop environments.These types of Apps most exposer is, it is built just once, to work on various Mobile platforms .

Digital Marketing

We can deliver a wide range of Internet Marketing Services that converting your visitors into real customers. Also You can interact with your customers and manage your business using social media such as Twitter Face book and instagram.

Software Development

Understand what it takes to become a software developer.Study Computer Science fundamentals like data structures and algorithms.Learn about the various career paths in software development.

Call To Action

On the off chance that you'd prefer to discuss your web project, kindly connect utilizing the Call To Action Button. We'll hit you up as fast as could be expected. or on the other hand Call us for Quick Website Service


From clients to friends, from friends to trusted working partners, every working relationship means greatly to us.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of website?

    There are quite a few factors that are going to affect the ultimate cost of your web site. These factors include how many pages you are going to have, if you will sell products on your website, the graphic work involved, and how interactive your future web site will be. You will also need web hosting and domain name registration.

  • URL stands for "universal resource locator". This is the address typed in to view your web page on the Internet. For example, you would type in https://www.winzlan.in to access our home page.

  • A domain name is a specific web site address that you choose and register with Network Solutions(the official registrar of domain names ending in .com, .edu, and .gov). Our domain name is "Softwares.learingo.in".

  • This depends on how you are going to use it. If you are going to be telling people over the phone, choose one that is easy to say and spell out loud. Above all, I would choose one that is memorable and not confusing.

  • A static site is one that is written in HTML only. Each page is a separate document and there is no database that it draws on. What this means functionally is that the only way to edit the site is to go into each page and edit the HTML - so you'd either have to do it yourself using a webpage editor like FrontPage or pay me to go in and edit the site each time you wanted something changed. A dynamic site is written using more complex code and can do a lot more. For instance, I can make an area where you can log in and change various parts of the site, such as adding information or products. This is because each page is constructed based on the information in a database, and the information in that database can be changed via another interface. Dynamic sites can reduce ongoing maintenance costs if you don't want to change things yourself with a webpage editor or with the HTML. They usually cost more to develop, as they require more complex coding and a content management utility needs to be developed to help you manage your website information. Another benefit of dynamic sites is that they allow you to change only the content of the site and not the design, so you will not be able to accidentally break the visual style of the site. They have other benefits when sites start to get very large, as they make data management much more efficient and your site more expandable. Many clients do a combination, having some dynamic areas such as a product catalog where they have to change information or pictures regularly, and leave other pages such as contact information as static pages.

  • That would depend on the goals of your web site. If you run a business website you would include as much information about your products or services that your customers would need to purchase from you.


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